My specialties include: project and manpower management. Graphic design, web design/front end development, elearning, animation and motion graphic for mobile, web, print, video and online.

I offer a wide variety on how to promote your business. My calling is to make your business how to be more effective and how to capture your target market.

It takes a lot of sacrifice, learning, stress, time management, discipline, commitment, inspiration and collaboration before I became an expert in my field. This is not something to boast but something to inspire and help clients (from small and medium enterprises to large companies) in their businesses.

Art direction
Graphic Design
Web design/Coding
Video and animation graphic/editing
This is me - IT worker


Art Direction

I inspire and guide the vision of my client. My role is to provide ingredients to produce delightful menu of effective visual designs to their business.

Multimedia Design

Whether it's print or motion graphic, static or dynamic. An effective multimedia design is a glue that helps you deepen your connection to others and improve your relationship to your clients and target market.

Web | App Design & Development

Usability, utility, user-centric design is now the standard approach for successful and profit-oriented website, web-based or mobile application. That's the reason why an application should adapt the layout to the viewing environment of your audience is something needful.

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